2020-09-24 Talk at Oslo Freedom Forum

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@Oslo Freedom Forum Original ver.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7mWzA2Yftc

* As Digital Minister, you work closely with civil society and encourage them to contribute to and participate in Taiwan’s democracy. Technology has played an important role in this. Taiwan’s digital democracy has grabbed the world’s attention, especially in the January 2020 elections in Taiwan. How does technology, along with open governance and transparency, protect democracy and help push back against foreign influence campaigns?
* According to a Hong Kong Free Press article from June 2020(https://hongkongfp.com/2020/06/28/taiwans-conservative-anarchist-transgender-cabinet-member/), you mentioned that you “think the pandemic served as an amplifier of two different governing models.” Why do you think Taiwan’s democratic system has not only flourished, but also strengthened, during this COVID-19 pandemic?
* You played a key role in leading Taiwan’s efforts in combating COVID utilizing technology. What were some of your primary concerns when leading this effort? How did you incorporate protections for privacy and freedoms into your plan?
* You were involved with the March 2014 Sunflower Movement in Taiwan, when hundreds demonstrated against a trade deal with China due to concerns of increasing Chinese authoritarian influence within the young democratic country. Given your activist roots, do you have any advice or tips for activists -- specifically those pushing back against authoritarianism -- in the audience today?
* Many in Hong Kong look to Taiwan as an inspiration due to Taiwan’s own history of transitioning to democracy after authoritarianism. What do you think are some other lessons, especially regarding digital democracy and innovation, that Hongkongers can learn from Taiwanese, and vise versa -- what Taiwanese can learn from Hongkongers?
* How can liberal democracies adapt to the rise of authoritarianism?
* At our Forum, we have had a few speakers discuss how Chinese tech companies could threaten the digital rights and human rights of users. You once mentioned in an Nikkei Asian Review(https://asia.nikkei.com/Editor-s-Picks/Interview/Taiwan-digital-minister-warns-of-China-s-5G-Trojan-horse) article how “putting Chinese equipment in a country’s core telecom infrastructure is akin to inviting a Trojan horse into the network.” Can you elaborate more on this? What are some recommendations you would provide to policymakers on this front?
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