DAY 01 - 30 Day Journaling Challenge

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It takes 30days to create a new habit, and I can say writing a plan at the start of each day is a habit that has changed my life for the better. Some call it journaling, some a diary and to others its simply a personal daily 'to-do' list. I do a version of this every day and have found it great for productivity, creative inspiration, personal direction and mental wellbeing.

Whatever you call it... I highly recommend joining me LIVE throughout November 2020 and sticking with it. Starting November 5th at 09:15 AM GMT.

If you wanted to print out the journal A4 page and have a pen to hand that would be ideal, but that is optional.

Download it here:

In this first session I'll share my tips and secrets for making the routine easier to stick to and give time to run through the questions for you to answer yourself during the session.

The big challenge will be sticking to it for anyone who attends.

I look forward to seeing you online!
I’ll be streaming on Instagram LIVE and here on the WeAudition YouTube Channel LIVE with an archive so different timezones can catch up.

I mention these books... and I've been asked for links... so here they are:

Life changing book: The Slight Edge

Interesting read: Your Castable Type

Good for self awareness, how to stick to habits and relationships:
- by Gretchen Rubin
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