Eve Cam! Indoor Wireless Security Camera for 100% Privacy Protection! +iOS 14 UPDATE

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Eve Cam Review! +iOS 14 UPDATE enabled features. The Eve Cam Indoor Wireless Security Camera promises 100% Privacy Protection! Exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video.
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Eve cam addresses all of data protection and security risks that put me off buying other popular indoor cameras. Plus Intelligent motion detection, activity zones, and face recognition.

Eve were the first to offer an indoor security camera created exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, with Logitech Circle View and the EufyCam 2 arriving later. I wanted the best security camera for privacy. I’ve lived with the Eve Cam for a few weeks so I can give informed feedback in the video review. I captured the Eve Cam unboxing experience for you. Eve Cam has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication. It ships with a universal adaptor compatible for the US, Europe, UK, and Australia, and metal fixing plate for the magnetic base of the security camera.
The Eve cam’s biggest USP is privacy. There’s No registration, so doesn’t collect personal data by forcing you to set up an account. Eve Cam doesn’t stream footage through a server. When viewing the live video feed, you’re getting direct, fully encrypted access to your Eve Cam in your home. Motion triggered recordings are analysed securely in your home, and only your personal devices can unlock and view the recordings. Did I find the best indoor security camera? I discuss outside camera’s, doorbell camera, data protection laws and GDPR compliance, and how the Eve camera might be offer an alternative.

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The Apple Eve Cam HomeKit setup works great, designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. Eve Cam is an iOS compatible device. You access the camera, recording and settings via the Home app on your Apple device. Eve Cam setup: Eve app activates your device, and can adjust motion detection sensitivity. Detailed guides available at http://evehome.com to help you. Part of the Apple ecosystem, your HomePod, Apple TV, or HomePod Mini will act as a home hub which allows you to view and record footage even when you’re away from home. Eve cam can work without a home hub, but only to view live stream footage, and only when you’re at home, so a HomePod or Apple TV is essential to unlock the full features of your HKSV HomeKit Secure Video Eve Cam and new iOS 14 enabled features.

Check out  @ModernDayTech  Eve Cam - Full Review & Testing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-0Aeg4uD1w

Intelligent motion detection allows you to specify recording and notifications, either for all movement, people, pets, or cars. Which I found 100% accurate, even when using the infrared night vision mode. The smart security camera’s 1080p HD camera gives an impressive 150 degree field of view. Recordings are kept for 10 days before deleted. Or you can save or share them for safekeeping. This uses your existing 200GB or greater iCloud storage. But doesn’t count against your iCloud storage limit.

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Use your Eve cam to trigger automation of other HomeKit devices such as lights and heating. Eve Cam 2020, New for iOS 14: You can draw activity zones to define areas within your wireless camera’s field of view to capture video or receive notifications only when motion is detected in those areas. Also, new in iOS 14 is face recognition to identify people in your home.

Eve home security camera Features: indoor wireless security camera system with remote viewing live stream, recording, motion detection, two-way communication. Night vision camera up to 5 meters, infrared motion sensor, 150 degree field of view 1080p HD camera, wifi home security camera for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, flexible installation magnetic base. Activity zones, face recognition with iOS 14 update.

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