Humidity Tempereture clock Htc-1, Htc Hygrometer, Relative humidity unboxing and review

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Humidity Tempereture clock Htc-1, Htc Hygrometer Price -
Aptechdeals htc-1 temperature hygrometer ,digital temperature and humidity meter , alarm and calender display can display current temperature, relative humidity, and current time on a large numeral lcd display screen at the same time. The item also offers the current date and day at the push of button, along with max and min temperature readings, perfect for home or office. Good quality temperature & humidity meter. Can show temperature, humidity & time at same time on the large lcd display, for easy to read. Memory of max & min measuring value. 12-hour and 24-hour displaying system select table. Fahrenheit or celsius readout (changeable by selecting f or c on back). Integral-hour alarm function. Alarm function. Clock and calendar function (month and date). Desktop placing or wall hanging. Power: 1 * 1.5v aaa battery (included).
Material - Durable Hard Plastic
Large Lcd Display for Easy to Read; Humidity: ± 5%rh (40%~80%) , Storage Condition: -20„ƒ~60„ƒ, 20~80%rh
Temperature Range: -10„ƒ~+50„ƒ. (14„‰~+122„‰) , Humidity Range: 10%~99%rh ,resolution: Temperature: 0.1„ƒ(0.1„‰), Humidity: 1% Rh , Accuracy: Temperature: ± 1„ƒ(1.8„‰)
Measure Temperature and Humidity , Display Clock and Celender With Integral-hour Alarm Function.
Best Use as Desktop Placing or Wall Hanging; Color: Black & White; Package Contents: Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
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