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"Lyf is a new social media app where users feel free to share aspects of themselves previously considered too personal for social media. Battling anxiety, questioning a relationship, coping with loss, overcoming illness, struggling with addiction, dealing with infidelity lyf users receive support during some of their most gruelling, challenging, and even inspiring stages of their lives from other people who have no preconceptions or judgements about their fellow lyfers". - Lyf 's Website

This video is NOT sponsored, I always state otherwise if it is, I just did this video as this is an app I think more people should know about.

Please be warned though lyf does have some potentially triggering journeys if you suffer from suicidal or self harm tendencies especially, so please don't download it if you feel some other peoples journeys may bring harm to you.

The reason I am doing a video on it though is because a lot of people need an outlet for their feelings, which they can't put anywhere else, or just want an app they can use to track a journey in life, this app is great for that the community on there is incredibly supportive and will support you through anything you are currently going through. There are also very positive journeys you can choose to support as well!

Lyf is available on both google play and the app store, and is completely free!

If you do check out the app please let me know what you think in the comments below, it would be amazing to me if you found it through my channel and it actually helped you but your safety is very important to me, so if you feel like it may cause issues with your mental health downloading it then please DON'T, it may help some but not others and that's fine!

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