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Samsung Galaxy Note7 vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus & 6 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus & 6 Plus http://www.mobilegeeks.com Apple is widely considered to be a leader in design, but in recent years Samsung has really upped their game overtaking Apple with curved edges and a better in hand feel. When Apple first introduced the Retina display it really lead the pack but Sasmung's higher pixel density and more vibrant colors with the Super AMOLED display paired with the immersive edges easily brings the Note 7 ahead.

Looking at the Camera the Note 7 has Apple beat, the 12MP sensor has made its pixels bigger combined with f1.7 makes this camera better in low light and the instant autofocus pull samsung ahead, Apple's camera is top of the pile, but a f2.2 with smaller pixels means it won't do as well in low light situations. However the iPhone 6 Plus only an 8MP camera and the step up to the 6S in terms of camera quality is noticable.

When it comes to what's happening under the hood the 6S Plus with it's A9 processor is very evenly matched to samsung's Exynos 8890, however the A8 in the 6 Plus is again falling behind. Storage options are quite varied on Apple's offerings but will cost you a pretty penny, the Note 7's MicroSD card up to 256GB gives you more flexibility to scale. Samsung also slaughters the iPhone when it comes to battery size if the S7 Edge is any indication the Note 7 should easily out perform the 6S an of course dont forget quick charge and wireless charging.

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