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LG G6 Concept 3D Video Rendering with 4K Display & Ultra Fast Wireless Charging

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LG G6 Concept ,Read more:http://www.techconfigurations.com/2016/10/lg-g6-first-concept-3d-video-rendering.html

After the launch of the LG V20 the LG fans are waiting for a glimpse of the upcoming flagship LG V6 which promises to bring a lot of new features to the table. Though LG has an edge over the competitors with advancement in dual camera tech, they are still to implement the crucial wireless charging technology on there flagship. It is expected that the LG G6 will be the first smartphone to feature wirelesses charging that too will support Fast charging. Here we have tried to create our version on the LG G6 which is purely based on our imagination and do not represent the actual device.

Read more here :http://www.techconfigurations.com/2016/10/lg-g6-first-concept-3d-video-rendering.html

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