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[BadComedian] - ВИКИНГ (Самый дорогой фильм в истории России)

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Все видео пользователя: BadComedian.

#BadComedian обзор фильма ВИКИНГ.

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Первый канал создал самый дорогой фильм в истории России, наш ответ Игре престолов и гладиатору.

Спасибо Мастерской КРЕЧЕТ - https://vk.com/orkshop...

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Твиттер - http://twitter.com/EvgenComedian...

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Второй Канал - http://www.youtube.com/EvgenComedian...

Гугл ПЛЮС + https://plus.google.com/+TheBadComedia...




2:34-фильм \"Особенности национальной охоты\"

4:00-фильм \"Голый пистолет\"

4:08-фильм \"Духless\"

4:22-киноэпопея \"Освобожддение\"

5:35-телесериал \"Викинг\"

6:07-телесериал \"Мастер и Маргарита\"

7:46-фильм \"300 спартанцев\"

10:09-фильм \"8 миля\"

11:10-фильм \"Будь мужчиной\"

12:50-выступление Дейва Шапелла \"Эпоха манипуляций\"

13:45-фильм \"Красный рассвет\"

14:10-фильм \"Левиафан\"

14:22-фильм \"Чудаки 3D\"

14:55-фильм \"Настоящая любовь\"

16:16-телесериал \"Доктор Кто\"

17:31-фильм \"Плохой Санта\"

18:05-фильм \"Зловещие мертвецы\"

19:14-фильм \"У холмов есть глаза\"

19:39-фильм \"Хищник\"

20:53-фильм \"Путь оружия\"

21:22-фильм \"Клерки\"

22:18-фильм \"Властелин колец: Возвращение короля\"

22:46-фильм \"Сводные братья\"

22:52-фильм \"Центурион\"

24:01-фильм \"Битва титанов\"

24:36-телесериал \"Осторожно, модерн\"

25:59-телесериал \"В Филадельфии всегда солнечно\"

26:29-фраза из фильма \"Догма\"

30:00-фильм \"Притяжение\"

30:32-фильм \"Даун Хаус\"

33:08-фильм \"SuperПерцы\"

34:17-фильм \"Джанго Освобожденный\"

35:08-фильм \"Утомленные солнцем 2: Цитадель\"

37:07-фильм \"Судья\"

38:28-фильм \"Изображая жертву\"

40:22-фильм \"Властелин колец: Две Крепости\"

40:38-фильм \"Интерстеллар\"

41:49-фильм \"На игле\"

42:12-фильм \"Монти Пайтон и Священный Грааль\"

42:43-фильм \"Выживший\"

46:24-телесериал \"Игра престолов\"

53:57-мультсериал \"Street Fighter\"

55:35-фильм \"400 градусов по Фаренгейту\"

56:07-фильм \"Фанатик\"

56:24-фильм \"Орда\"

59:39-фильм \"Адмирал\"

59:43-фильм \"Высоцкий: Спасибо, что живой\"


3:00 R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

10:52 The Centurians–Bullwinkle Part II

17:32 Ramin Djawadi–Game Of Thrones Theme

17:45 Mark Snow–Materia Primoris

31:10 Perry Como-Magic Moments

31:17 Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL–Brothers In Arms

34:43 FunnyFilmsStudio-Fuck This Shit I'm Out\"

1:00:59 Владимир Высоцкий-Баллада о борьбе

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The following video contains images and sound not suited for people under 21 years old. The video is humorous in its nature and doesn't endorse ethnic hatred And is not designed to offend religious beliefs. The video doesn't promote alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Any resemblance to anything is coincidental. We have 1 250 000 000 rubles. We rule mass media. We can force the movie onto the viewers. We have 7 years. During this time we can develop decorations, costumes, SCRIPT *Feignedly* What is my mission called? Viking, viking, viking, viking, viking, viking, viking, vikingvikingvikingvking....

Viking x9001 Viking x9002 Viking x9003 Viking x9004 Viking x9005 Viking x9006 Viking x9007 Viking x9008 Viking x9009 Viking x9010 Viking x9011 *Viking*.

*7 years later* U-ugh... So... Time to get to work, premiere's soon First... Targeting. Ugh! Authenticity was tracked by the greatest historians... The film with documental accuracy... The most accurate video-document of those times....

This is shit! *whoosh* *splash* *whoosh* Oh! Video-document! *sniff* Second... Critics, and Kinopoisk. (Russian equivalent of Rotten Tomatoes) *sniff* During two weeks of Viking's distribution, film critics' rating was 100% on the retina of the eye. And this is right, *magic* when such films are coming out, counter must magically freeze. Now, third... What was the second?... Uh, f*ck it. *sniff* After the logotypes of the First channel, the Directorate of Cinema, the Cinema Fund, and the Mikhalkov's studio, there must be Old Slavonic quote... Of the famous rusich... Mao Zedong! How orthodoxly... Now, I need to immerse the viewer into complex events with a whole bunch of characters, and so, that the viewer wouldn't get confused. How do I do that?... Heh! With a text on the screen! *laugh*.

(Whatever) Even without the voiceover! Let the viewer sort this all out by themselves! While we are abruptly cutting a hunt for the tour in. One of hunters is local man, the other is not. The conflict is brewing between hunters on the basis of the question: "Whence did the crossbow come to the XX century Russ"?.

*bellow* {Peculiarities of the National Hunt} "-So, whose shot was last? -Mine! Mine, mine, mine! -My shot! -Mine! -Mine! -Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine... *whistle* During the dispute over the prey, the knifing begins. One bearded guy kills another and then meets with other bearded guys, who rush into the chase. At the end of which the bearded guy gets thrown into the spice pit..

*I believe I can fly* *I believe I can touch the sky* NOT *neigh* So, this is the important event for understanding of the whole plot. I think, I didn't developed characters enough. Gimme a break, I'll explain everything later. "Spilled blood is calling for vengeance. So, Yaropolk decided to sacrifice *me* to the law.

Right here, at the house of his foe, Duke Rogovold..

So that everyone knows what Yaropolk is innocent in Oleg's death..

But the brother's blood was on his hands". Rogvolod... Oleg's bride... Yaropolk's ancestor... The hunt on Ruriks' house... Execution... uh... Hmm! Seems legit. What? Who? Where? Overall f*cking unclearness is not the problem, they will get it on the second watch, and it means more money for us! Money! Money! Motherf*cking cash!

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