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Samsung Galaxy M20 Review with Pros & Cons - Pass or Fail

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Все видео пользователя: Geekyranjit.

Samsung Galaxy M20 is a new mid range smartphone from Samsung and I share my experience and divide it between the pros \u0026 cons including camera, video samples so that you can judge if this smartphone is right for you or not.

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Hi there this is Ranjit and in this video we'll be doing the full review for the Samsung Galaxy M 20 smartphone and this is a new mid-range smartphone from Samsung and I've been actually testing this for the last 7 days and that if you recall if you've seen any of my reviews I generally don't recommend Samsung mid-range phones like the J series because I feel there's simply too over price for what they offer but I feel finally what this m20 things are sort of changing now but again it's not perfect and I will divide this review between the pros and cons share my experience so that you have an idea if this handset is good the one for you and here are the quick specs for the m20 as you can see it's having a six point three inch full HD plus screen it's part by the new XE no is 7904 chipset which is out two core chipset and other specs are on the screen for your reference now let me quickly break it down between the pros and cons first let's talk about the pros and the first Pro is that now finally Samsung is gone with that do drop down a notch design hence the bezels are actually pretty small on this device and they are able to pack in a six point three inches screen and many of you were actually asking me about the screen quality on this one I'm happy to say that the screen quality is actually good Samsung hasn't compromised on the screen quality yes it's not an AMOLED screen but it is as good as many of the other smartphones in this price range in fact I would say slightly better so the screen quality is good on this now another thing I was really surprised is that generally if you have seen other Samsung mid-range phones in the Jay series and stuff in terms of sensors they skip a lot of sensors so I was very skeptical with this one but I'm happy to say that all important sensors are present on this phone for example compass sensor as the gyroscope sensor is there I tested it at the YouTube 360 degrees videos the O's work and also GPS actually works very well I tested it with Google Maps and it worked very well now I'm going to the earpiece the earpieces here just on the north I would say and the your piece quality was good the call quality was going to do it loud and I tested this with Airtel and geo so no problems regarding the same I even took some calls with the speakerphone that's okay but I'll talk about the speaker in the later part of the video now I'm going to another thing is that this phone is priced at eleven to thirteen thousand eleven thousand rupees making comes with three gigabytes of RAM and this is the four gigabyte RAM variant that comes for thirteen thousand and yes we are getting many phones with huge battery capacity in this price range but they don't have fast charging or USB type-c this one does have that and I guess as it's having that mass of five thousand milliamp hour battery if you use the faster it's actually a fifteen what the fast charger guys if you completely drain it from zero it will take you almost about two and a half hours to charge it with the fast charger but generally we don't drain our battery completely to zero it's generally we charge at around twenty to twenty-five percent so if you do that then it will charge in slightly less than two hours so again I'm happy that Samson provided fast charging on this phone and also you have USB type-c now let's talk about the battery life on this one as its having a five thousand milliamp hour battery yes the battery life is good but again if we compare it with something else like the zenfone max Pro this also has a five thousand milliamp hour battery I feel this is giving me slightly better battery life than this one and I think so that might be due to the software but and guys actually I got two software OTA updates in the last seven days with this phone and I think there is one battery but I think so Samsung might solve it and yes many of you have asked me does it support for volte yes it does support a volte in fact it supports dual voltage even on sim - you have an option of enabling volte and by default it is enabled and it was reading quite a bit of Patrick only when I disabled the voltage on the second set then the idle battery drain was fine now if we talk about the stats as you can see from the screenshots notice the standby time it's almost close to two days and with that I was getting a screener on time slightly over five hours five and a half hours as you can see so you might say this is what is a screen on time is not good but notice the standby time and if we talk about the battery life for a typical user let's say you leave your house morning at about 7:30 and come late at night I'd even about 10:30 or 11 o'clock at night that is still less than 18 hours if you are that sort of a user then you should get a screen on time at least about eight to eight and a half ask easily on this and it might even improve after OTA update as I've told you there is slightly high idle battery train if you use two Sims so hopefully Samsung can fix it so the battery life is good but again not as good as some of the other five thousand milliamp hour smartphones that a half are tested but for most users if you charge it every day it easily suffice you even if you are sort of a heavy user now I'm moving to the processor on this one it's the new XE nose 7904 and this. Is also an octa-core processor but generally most of the octa-core processor are divided into two parts quad-core one quad-core part and the other quad-core finally or the one quad core power is the more powerful one another is the power efficient one but here with this XE no 7904 what Samsung has done is instead of having a quad core for the what is a powerful course it's just dual core but again it's a good one it's the ARM Cortex is 73 these are the powerful read core ones and the other six code are based on the arm cortex a53 and then shun will use it I would say I didn't have any issues of what you say major lag that I've noticed on this device as you can see it still runs on the older Samsung experience UI not the new one UI but for the most part I would say I didn't notice any lag enos but only place where I did notice some minor lag and this that's the animation is in the multitasking tray I feel it's the animation but again I am sort of spoiled because I use a lot of high-end phones so I do notice that well most of you might not notice that so again in general usage most of you might not notice like only place where I take note this lag was when I was using Google Maps and when I was just minimizing it just notice this drop in animation frames that I was noticing this is the only place where I notice huge animation lag apart from that for the most part in general UI and stuff I don't notice that much not now moving to run management again guys I was testing the four gigabyte RAM variant the RAM management has been done then on this device it retains most of the recent apps in the memory actually let me just go back here as you can see these apps I had opened in the morning and they are still in memory so it retains about last four or five apps in memory so actually that's a good thing and also some apps like trueCaller etc they have to be in memory to work they don't get booted out so that our management at least on this four gigabyte ram variant has been done then don't have to worry about that now I'm moving to the gaming I would say this falls in pros and cons also the good thing is that I tested it with two heavy games that's asphalt 9 and pop G and it played both the games fine I would say again I have already posted a dedicated video about that so again check that out for more info but again the problem was that the pop G after extended gaming over about 20 minutes the handset started to get very very hot so I would say if you're sort of a heavy gamer I would not recommend you this phone but the temperatures can't touch as high as 47 degrees Celsius which is really hot now let's move to the cameras on this it has the beauteous setup and I like what Samsung has done it has a 13 megapixel regular camera but the secondary camera instead of having just a dumb what is a depth sensor like many of us other vendors are fooling us with for the dual camera setup this one has a practical second camera which is actually a wide-angle lens and that's a 5 megapixel shooter and the front-facing camera is actually an 8 megapixel shooter and as you can see we're in the sample shots the camera performance is actually not bad on this one yes like most other mid-range smartphones I would say don't expect flagship performance obviously you won't get that but the camera performance is good even it has that life bouquet and stuff analyst there and as you can see sample shots even in that area it does a good job but the biggest thing I would say is that we have that wide-angle lens so with that you can get some very different perspective of shots that is simply not possible if you don't have a wide-angle lens and generally in this price range we don't have smartphones that have a wide-angle lens camera moving to the front facing camera the front-facing camera performance was also actually good and I also put some sample shots in indoor lighting conditions around my office and artificial lighting condition and as you can see the camera performance is decent it's not bad guys but yes again if the lighting goes really low yes it will struggle in artificial lighting like most other material at phones moving to video I took some video and here are the samples of the video that I took now he's recording the sample with the Galaxy m2 in peas rear facing camera and you guys judge how was the video and I'm just walking hanged head so you guys let me know what do you feel about the video recording and the audio is also being recorded why it's internal microphone putting this quick sample with the front-facing camera of the Samsung m20 and as you can see I'm just walking around and the audio is also being recorded why it's internal microphone so this should give you an idea how's the video quality with the front-facing camera of the Samsung m20 smartphone so camera I would say it's good but in video I don't know why with the rear-facing camera they did not enable electronic image stabilization so let's now move to the corns what are the things that really annoyed me on this man phone and the first thing is that you do the knotch design on whatever we simply do not have any physical LED notification light generally in most Samsung phones we have that but that is simply not there on this one and this is the biggest irritant that I have with this phone is that and I think so Samson just did this to differentiate this product from the a series of smart phone vibration motor is sort of disabled on this smartphone so even when you use the fingerprint scanner or anything you don't get a vibration so in busy areas when you just add you don't have an idea it unlocked or not you have to see this screen for that and the vibration motor is there even in the keyboard the vibration motor is disabled but if you install a G board that is the Google keyboard you get vibration so I find it silly that Samsung just disabled the vibration motor just to differentiate this product from the a-series product and I feel that's actually a very stupid move in my Frank opinion and again as the fingerprint scanner is very flushed many times have to actually look did it lock or unlock because most of the smartphone's when you click on the fingerprint scanner it gives you a vibration so that you know it unlocked or not and another thing is that the fingerprint scanner is there I don't have a problem with that but it is actually very flush I would say so it is difficult to even after a week I would say sometimes I mess up when I'm clicking and again it's not the fastest I would say it takes almost a second to unlock you also have the face unlock that's also the same thing it's not very fast it almost takes about a second to unlock with the face unlocking now I'm moving to another sensor that is present that is auto brightness sensor but I would say the implementation has not been done well on this phone the auto brightness sensor is very flaky on this one it has its mind of its own sometimes it works fine but most of the time I would say it will just go too bright or too low and you have to manually actually have just the brightness so I would say as you can see now it's excessively bright for some reason and many times due to that I have to disable the auto brightness sensor on this one now into the headphone jack it has a headphone jack here and also it does have Dolby Atmos option if you plug in your headphones and that sort of birds but I would say the output from the headphone jack is sort of pretty flat to my liking it's doesn't have that much of depth and sounds much yes with the additional settings you can tweak around to get a slightly better output but again I wouldn't say it's among the best or even others many of the mid-range phones actually have better output from the headphone jack 3.5 mm headphone jack now let's talk about the speakers it has a single firing speaker over here and I like the position of the speaker again if you are gaming also here it's on the top so you don't block it but I felt that the volume level is just average on this one don't get me wrong it's not bad and at max volume I would say it's audible but I felt the volume level could have been slightly better so I would just cut one point over there it's not like it's a deal-breaker but yeah at maximum volume also I felt it should have gone slightly higher and last con is that if you're sort of a very heavy user as I've mentioned a very heavy gamer or something I would not recommend you this phone because of that word heating issues that I have encountered with this and lastly I don't get it why Samsung did this this one still runs on the old Samsung experience UI not the new one you I am not sure if Samsung will give an update to this one to summarize I would say as this smartphone falls in the price range of about eleven to thirteen thousand it sits in the middle of smartphones that are having the Snapdragon I would say 630 processor it's actually slightly lower than the 636 I would say and it falls under what either the devices are that are having the snapdragon 616 like the zenfone max flow m2 or the real me are two pro but I would say what I really liked on this one is that overall I would say it has a decent camera for the price range if you look at the 11,000 rupees variant it has that fast charging which is actually really helpful because it has that mass of five thousand milliamp hour battery also it you're getting that Samson the RAM and many people these days I do get a lot of requests from you guys that you don't want any Chinese phone for privacy reasons and other reasons of what you might have and also yes it's a known fact that Samson still in terms of service centers in smaller cities they have better service centers so again yes you have that edge of the Samson branding that many people prefer but moving to some of the things that I do not like is that again as I've told you if you are sort of a gamer just stay away from this handset because it does heat up quite a bit and also I like I find it very silly of Samsung to disable the vibration motor on this I feel they just did this to differentiate this product from the Galaxy L lineup of smartphones also you are still playing slight premium I would say 15 to 20 percent premium on this phone compared to many of the Chinese plan it's a lot better now because the earlier J series I felt consumers were paying almost about 50 to 60 percent premium for the Samsung branding finally now you're paying just about 15 to 20 percent premium and if you always wanted to go with Samsung mid-range phone then guess you can certainly go with this one it's not perfect I would say but again it does a lot of things right finally and finally I would say I can recommend a Samsung mid-range phone but again if you are sort of a heavy gamer then I would not recommend you this fall anyways guys that's it for my review again I have also posted its in-depth gaming review I can check out that for more info and guys if you are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button this is Ranjith and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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