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Обзор Meizu 16th — лучшее, что они сделали

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Все видео пользователя: Rozetked.

Прошло всего 4 месяца с момента презентации Meizu 15, как нам показывают 16th. Это странно, но дело в том что эти флагманы не имеют ничего общего между собой. Это как Galaxy S9 и Galaxy Note 9. Наконец-то флагман Meizu получил топовый Snapdragon 845, соотношение сторон 2:1, а также сканер отпечатка пальцев под экраном.

Фотографии и видео на Meizu 16: https://ali2.ru/g1oE1NhQ (в полном разрешении)

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Hello everyone. It finally happened. Meizu released real flagship smartphone, For the first time in the history it has Snapdragon 845 and all the goodies! And there are some feeling that Meizu is trying to fulfill the five-year plan in a short term. Because less than six months ago they showed to us Meizu 15, for now they released Meizu 16, actually it was just 4 month ago. And it's not just some minor update, It is actually a new flagship, and it's differ from others And, what is the most funny, that it called "the 16th" Let me remind you - Meizu used to have a flagship line called "MX", then the garland went to the Pro line, also we have Meizu 15 presented last year, And, I suppose, that further flagships will be named just by the number But that's still unknown, marketers there obviously have some problems with the "naming". And they were bitten by the most dangerous mosquitoes, so...we'll see What versions of "Meizu the 16th" exist? There are the "small" 6 inch version, and the "big" 6,5 inch version which called "Plus". They do not differ in any way, except the display size and the battery volume. So let's talk about it. Talking about the new flagships the "old" versions can not be forgotten. They are very similar from the rear. But, by the other hand, in "15" they returned the flash ring so much like Pro 6 has, it has always been liked by the audience. There are three colors - white, black and blue with a gradient. It feels nice at the hand, does not slip, fingerprints do not remain. What's about management elements: USB C and mini Jack at the bottom, volume rocker and power button at the right edge, slot for two sim cards at the left. There are no slot for memory card. Now, about the "face" It is the main difference from the last models. Meizu 15 is quite symmetrical and beautifull, but... but you need to follow the general trend: have to say goodbye to the touch buttons and to the 16:9 display ratio. For now the screen takes 91% of the front surface. The small version is 6.01 inches with full HD+ resolution, The big version is 6.5 inches with the same resolution. We got here two-to-one ratio. Traditionally, here is the AMOLED matrix and it's by the reason, we will talk about it a bit later. Here pay special attention because the quality of the display at a very high level. There is feeling, that they have the same matrix as Galaxy S9 do. By the way, there they have the the color balance adjustment with the different modes. The maximum brightness is 430 Nits. Above the screen there is an elegant lattice with a speaker in which the notifications diode is hidden. Such a solution was first shown in the 15 series - ingeniously and simply To the right from the conversational dynamic you can find frontal camera. And here is the claim - why the frontal camera is not in the center? At Meizu 15 it looked much more better. There is symmetrical to the upper part ledge below the screen. And If you don't know which flagship in your hand right now, you might think that this is the Galaxy S9. Something similar betweeen them. I would say, that similaritity is quite strong. It's nice that the Meizu is not in a hurry to be like everyone and to make the display with the cutouts. It is very nice... So we talked about the appearance, noticed new details. There are no fingerprint scanner neither at the sideways nor at the rear. Does Meizu went the Apple's path and replaced it with Face ID analog? Nope! They made it better! The fingerprint scanner built into the screen. That's why they have AMOLED there!!! So far, around the mass market, only Vivo and Xiaomi in the "Mi-8 Explorer Edition" have such a thing. Here it works not so quickly, as at the Vivo, but you definitely don't have to pressure precisely, Just touch, a split second to recognize, and that's all, you can use the smartphone. In general, it is really usable. Face unlocking running very fast there, almost it works like the One plus unlocking in the dark, not perfect, but still it works. CPU Yes, finally, the top Snapdragon - it is 845 dragon. 2 versions of RAM: 6 or 8 GB. As for the built-in memory, there is a model for 128GB, also other variants. The smartphone literally flies, and it's not only because of hardware but also because of the software. The device works with the latest version of the Flyme 7 shell, which has inside ... No, you failed, here we have Android 8.1 OREO!!! Even here, well done, good guys!!! With the new android they added the third version of smartphone management - gestures! Just like Xiaomi. In addition to the standard buttons and the brand Super mBack circle, which, by the way, still reacts to a strong push. Where else will you find such an abundance of smartphone management types? Plus, the shell itself has changed a little, there are still no 5 icons in the launcher, icons of non-standard applications are still slightly smaller, But the shell now looks just great. It is very pretty. It still has to be figured out, digged deeper, surely some new features were delivered... Another thing that migrated from the 15 series - M Engine. The technology is an analog of Apple's Taptic Engine. This is "something" that Samsung and, especially Xiaomi, had to copy instead of their disgusting vibrating motors. But so far only Meizu did it. If you do not know, it's a special response system, very gentle and pleasant. In the iPhone 7, for example, this system responsible for simulating the pressing of the home button. Here it is the same. So, now about the connection. It supports 9 LTE bands, Bluetooth 5, WiFi ACE, 2.5 Hz, 5Hz ....

Actually, everything you want. You can listen music via Bluetooth, you can use standard headphones as well, because Jack 3.5 remains. Not only Jack 3.5, but also TsAP still remain, that's why the sound from the headphones is just excellent. But for those, who deny the sound from the headphones, and watch our videos basically through the speakers in the train, there is a stereo sound: upper speaker and bottom speaker. The sound is loud, it certainly not the same as Note 9 or the iPhone 10 have, but it is clear, without wheezing, enough for any tasks. In general, that's all, now we can sum it up...but stop... We need to talk about the camera and the minuses, this is the most interesting! Camera has 2 eyes, The first module have 12 megapixels it is dominant with 1.8 aperture ratio, the second is already 20-megapixel, aperture ratio is a bit worse - 2.0, but there is a triple optical zoom,.

Two focus modes - laser and phase. The cameras are located vertically in the center, under the cameras there is a six-segment flash. Plus, you can set it for incoming call or notification, i.e. it will not just blink, but light in turn, beautifully..

Everything is as it should be. So, what do we have? Meizu always had flagships with an average camera, although year by year the situation was improving. This time it has improved again. I will not say that this is the top solution, because at night the it takes photo so-so, it smears,.

The video is not the best either. However, you can get a great picture during the daytime. If the lighting is perfect, then the photo will be super. It shoots portraits great as well. Separates person from the background - just perfect. What else to say? I would compare the camera to the Galaxy S9, at least the results are very similar, with the only one difference - the shutter is not that fast..

You can not make a series of photos, when all of them will have no blur. But at the same time there is a triple optical zoom, as already mentioned, and it works fabulous. The company applies powers the camera become at the flagships level. It remains to talk about the video. The video is not bad, there are no problems with the sound. But the focusing is average, although it might be corrected with the release of new firmwares. It's just a sample. But I will tell you a secret, that is unlikely. Well the frontal camera. 16 megapixels, the aperture 2.0, there are face improvement filters and various algorithms which I constantly I forget to turn off. That's why at the instagram I always look so beautiful, it makes sense to subscribe. But in general, the frontal camera is just good, only one thing irritates - it is located not in the center. Even can crush the phone on the ground, you'll not feel sorry. By the way, Meizu says that it'll not be broken in case of fall from 1-meter hight, very durable. But, for certain, I will not check this. Further Here we come to the minuses. One giant minus, many of you can guess what it is. Yes, there is still no NFC, and it becomes some kind of curse for Meizu, the company needs to get rid from this curse faster. Well, seriously, the second half of 2018, and they eve have no single smartphone with which you can pay in the store..

That's not ok. Meizu promise, promise that NFC will be in the next flagship. You can believe it or not, it's not clear yet. What I forgot to tell? Autonomy It's not clear how long the smartphone can stay, but the battery here is weak - only 3000 mAh..

What is hardly enough until late night, but until the evening seems to be ok. Of course, fast charge M Charge is supported, but unfortunately, there is no wireless charging..

And this is the second minus of this device. What's left? There is no information about the price for Russia, But in China for "16th" they ask 2 700 to 4 000 yuan, that is about 26 000 to 40 000 rubles..

What is not expensive at all for the Snapdragon 845 and for the fingerprint scanner under the screen. I think that the top version of "16th +" in Russia will cost somewhere around 50 000 RUB, well, maybe more..

But if they ask for a minimal version below 35 000 RUB, it will be absolutely fabulous. As a result. Despite the fact that the Maizu 15 came out quite recently, it can not be compared with Meizu 16, because it's a completely different smartphone. For different audiences. If new screen standards are alien to you, then take the 15. If you are an innovator, you want something new, then this is definitely the 16th. Certainly frustrating is the absence of NFC and wireless charging. But many people even with difficulty, will say that Meizu made an ultramodern flagship..

Probably for the first time in its history. With the latest processor, with the coolest design, with a very accurate fingerprint scanner under the glass. This is the smartphone that you want to buy

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