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IKOTIKA - Гарри Поттер и Философский камень (обзор фильма)

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Все видео пользователя: Ikotika.

Обзор фильма \"Гарри Поттер и Философский камень\". Приятного просмотра!

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Movie Review Author: Ilya Kamishan Enjoy! Hi. This is the review of the movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Boulder" but, before we begin, a little introduction for those who don't understand that THE MOVIE IS THE MOVIE AND THE BOOK IS THE BOOK! Leeeeeeet's go! Neither on the DVD cover, nor on the ticket to the movie is written the whole list of books that you have to read before watching to understand the material in the movie. These are two different pieces of art. Here is a photo. Here is a drawing. Nobody is saying that "THE PHOTO WAS BETTER!!!" "To understand the meaning of the drawing you have to be acknowledged with the photo." "The photo had so many details that are not on the drawing!!! The artist is a dumbass, did everything wrong!".

The movie is not an addition to the book. Did you get that? You can compare them at most on the subject of which one told the story better, but they are still different pieces of art. You are a modest creator of the movie? You got the task of make a movie based on a book with a bunch of fans? The book has thousands of events and millions of details, a whole lot of characters and the fans will not forgive you if you miss even one thing? WHAT TO DO????? A high budget mini-tv-show in which you can put everything without losing anything important!! No? We have only the money for a two-hour-movie? Run, you fools! You've got to agree, it would be weird if the spectators in the theatres would be given in the books and the characters at a moment in the movie would turn to the spectators and say: "And if you want to know how McGonagall kissed Hagrid, open your book at page 200.".

Do they do that? NO!!!! Because that's dumb! Don't see a reason to wait more, LET'S GO!.

Harry Potter, a popular series of books, known to the whole world, loved by millions of fans, which has a series of successful movie adaptations. The first movie came out in 2001 and was instantly loved by everybody in the world. The director of this movie was Chris Columbus, known personally to me by the first 2 "Home Alone" movies and "Mrs Doubtfire". This director can create a truly heart-warming tale like nobody else and giving him the first movie was a very wise decision. An ideal cast, where every single character looked charismatic, bright and in the right place Wonderful decorations and costumes, which perfectly carry the aura of the books and transfer you into the world of magic..

Everything in combination looked really charming! Now, let's start watching! Okay, the movie starts and we see Dumbledore meeting up with Professor McGonagall..

In every case, the main thing is to appear with a bang!.

Dumbledore shuts down the lights on the streets so nobody will see Hagrid flying on a motorcycle. In every case, the main thing is to appear with a bang!.

Before all things, I want to say that the movie doesn't fully cover some events from the book, and sometimes it works in its favour, and sometimes against it. For example, the fact that they start the movie with showing the wizards as if tells the viewer: "Yeah baby, that's what this movie is about." "You want to start watching it, don't you?" On the other side, because of these shortenings we cannot understand all the details of Dumbledore's character..

People who read the book will understand what I am talking about. Here he is just a wise, old wizard. But in the book everything is much more interesting. He is like a bizzare kid in the body of an old wizard, whose decisions are sometimes a bit too eccentric but the speeches are always wise. For people who are too lazy to read I can give a couple of quotes from the book for you to understand WHAT the movie did not mention about his character: "Yes," said Dumbledore. "He'll have that scar forever." "Couldn't you do something about it, Dumbledore?" "...Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground...".

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!" "Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" "Thank you!" He is an aaamazing character, but the movie lost a bit of his charisma. Now, Dumbledore and McGonagall leave Harry at the terrible people's door, who got to be his relatives,.

And do not show up themselves for 11 years because....

....probably to look at his face when he finds everything out! Really, I don't understand what was the problem to visit him at least once and tell him about magic! "It would be better if he grew up far away." We are shown that Harry lives with his pernicious uncle and aunt, as well as his cousin Dudley, who decided to use him as free labour force, giving him awful conditions to live in..

However, in comparison to our conditions, the guy has absolutely nothing to complain about. Most of our vacation options look like that! The Dursley family is behaving in such a way that makes you think that their organisms have a severe lack of a bullet. But the more I think about this story as a whole, the more I understand them. Look how Harry was behaving in Hogwarts, remember what he was a master at? What was his BIG talent? That's right! Getting into trouble and sticking his nose where it doesn't belong! Yeah, maybe he looks modest, but MY GOD! if he decides to do some crap, he will do some crap!.

So, it could be the Dursleys are reasonably not liking him. "Any funny business, and you won't have any meals for a week!" So, Harry keeps serving time at his relatives when suddenly, the boy receives a letter from the Hogwarts school, but the uncle forbids him to read it. The letters keep coming, driving the family nuts. Which makes us ask ourselves a question: How did the owls do this magictrick? Seriously, where these owls trained to throw letters like that? They have a pretty developed accuracy skill. But in general, as we find out from the books, the owls are waiting for money when they bring letters. Not sure why do the owls need money, maybe they are gathering resources to pay for their sick uncle's surgery? But look at this! Just imagine that Harry is not even familiar with the magic world, But he already owes a whole lot of money to... ...Order of the Owl League. But now, let's admit, during the whole series of books and movies there are elements which can be described this way:.

"It doesn't make any sense, but it looks sick so nobody is against that." For that reason, let's put all these moments in our inventory "Pointless, but cool" and in the end let's count how many of all these things we will get. "Pointless, but cool" Well, Dursleys leave for a...barn in the centre of the storm...? to hide from the letters. But this time the letter was brought not by a bird..

"Sorry about that." "I demand you to leave at once, sir." "You are breaking an entry!" "Would the gentleman be so polite to leave the territory of this barn!' Further, we see that with Hagrid coming the laws of physics become irrelevant as well. Also Harry starts acting like Sheldon Cooper. "No, you've made a mistake." "I... can't be a wizard." "Boohaha!" Wow, I think Dudley lost his survival instinct... Eating Hagrid's food...? Who read the books knows that he cooks first-class... ...garbage. With all his might of course, but still garbage. "You know what? It would be better if you will not tell anyone about this at Hogwarts." The giant tells Harry that he is a wizard and finally gives him to read his letter. In the letter, Harry is invited to the School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Hagrid proposes to come with him and become the chosen one. In other words, he tells something like: "If you will take the red pill, Harry, you will see a world of magic. But if you take the blue one, you will wake up in the morning and will explain to the Dursleys yourself what the heck happened." Not thinking for long about should he go with a huge bum-like man to some magic school that might not even exist in general ...or staying with people who might not be the best but still gave you a place to live in and made you chubby..

Of course he chooses to go with the giant! You know, I am absolutely sure that Hagrid is the best candidate in the world to take Harry from home, walk with him through London and put him on the train..

Because Hagrid will not attract no attention whaaatsoever. He is aaabsolutely unnoticeable, not like the other wizards. So, they go through a bar, which, according to the books, can be only noticed by wizards, and open the wall which covers the magical mall. With all seriousness, I will put this wall in our Inventory because it doesn't have any role if the Muggles cannot enter the pub. It's a consierge-wall Like it's there, but it doesn't do anything. It will not protect from threat, but will keep the peaceful people waiting. "Pointless, but cool" And behind the consierge-wall we are met with the scene that opens up the charming world of wizarding and magic..

To be exact, we find ourselves in the Diagon Alley. We are pissing our pants off along with Harry and we are looking at all these magic thingees which I should admit, are AWESOME! First of all, they are going to the bank to take some money. "Mister Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawal." "And does Mister Harry Potter have his key?" "I am never repeating myself." Now, the goblins bring Harry to his vault and we find out that Harry is... ...unimaginably rich..

And here a question rises: how Harry's parents gathered such a wealth? I don't remember their jobs ever being mentioned. Dumbledore raised a foundation after their death? Or did they collect this amount of money... ...from their birth?? Or did they contraband? Or those money could be illegal and falsified? Ermmmm.... let's stop at the variant that they won a lottery..

"OH MY GOD! How many good things can I do?! Oh yeah I forgot, I am a character who does almost nothing during all the movies. I will just forget the fact that I am unimaginably rich." Next, we see Olivander's shop. Here Harry has to choose his wand and understand his chosenness! Oh, and yeah, In every case, the main thing is to appear with a bang!.

I actually have a couple of questions regarding this "Olivander's"shop It is very strange, because it seems that he makes wands alone for the whole city, if not for the whole country..

Considering that he makes them manually. Look how many wizards are in the movie with his wands. And not only he remember each wand he makes and he doesn't have problems with deadlines But also look at this warehouse! When does he manage to whittle them in such quantities? "I remember every wand I've ever sold". "The wand chooses the wizard, Mister Potter." I understand that you are busy and all things, but didn't you think that a special room for wand testing would definitely not hurt you?.

"No, no, definitely not!" Okay, as far as I understood, his job is like his vocation, which means you have to be born like that. Imagine his poor parents in this case. "My dear, our boy has made a wand today." "Oh no! How could it be? Maybe it's a coincidence?Maybe it will pass?" "I am afraid it's true. He is a wand maker. We have to accept him the way he is." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "I so wanted grandchildren!" But it doesn't matter because Harry found a suitable wand. The one with the built-in hair dryer. And the wand is revealed to be a brother of Voldemort's wand. While Hagrid bought Harry an owl. "How to tell Hagrid I wanted a cat? They get so many views on the Internet!" Next, Hagrid tells Harry the truth about his parents. "Voldemort started to gather some followers, brought them over to the dark side." "Anyone who stood up to him ended up dead." "Your parents fought against him, but nobody lived once he decided to kill them.".

"Except you." Harry became the Boy Who Lived and as a remainder of that night he has flash-like scar on his forehead..

In my opinion this movie has the coolest portrayal of Voldemort. Why? Because we don't see him, but we can feel all of his strength through the way people are talking about him..

They are afraid to speak his name, they are afraid to mention him, it's a villain you surely don't need to underestimate..

But when I am thinking of his occupations, I cannot understand what he was doing? Darth Vader, for example, was occupied with politics and keeping the order in the Empire. He had a mission which he was always distracted from by the war with the Rebels. Voldemort, seemingly doesn't have a mission. All that he is doing is trying not to die. Which is why he is gathering an army and destroys his enemies. I don't remember being told about his goals besides survival. Damn, if you think about it, you feel sorry for the guy. Now, we move the most pointless scene. Hagrid gives Harry a ticket to the train on which he has to get to school and doesn't explain how to get there..

Why does he behave like a moral freak? I think that's all because of Dumbledore's weirdness. He is the god of weird decisions, after all. Actually, in one of the interviews, author of the book was bothered so much by the questions like "Why Dumbledore doesn't have a love interest?" "Where is Mrs Dumbledore?" that she spouted out of nowhere: "BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE'S GAY!... ....Did I just say that out loud?" And you know what? That explains a lot of things! In general, when I imagine Dumbledore alone I see something like that:.

Even if you take the scene with the ticket, I really see how the conversation was happening: "Hagrid, and then you'll give Harry the ticket, but won't tell him where is the platform!" "But why, professor?" "Because we'll sit in the train to look at his face when he finds out!" "But how will he find the platform?" "Don't worry, I sent Mrs Weasley to tell loudly near Harry about the platform. She doesn't need to tell that to her kids, but she'll tell that especially for Harry!" "But won't there be any other wizards?" "Nope, only Weasley. Cool idea, isn't it? "But how will I avoid the answer, I cannot disapparate after all?" "Ha, I will transport you!" I think he got to the barn the same way, he couldn't get there on the bike after all. "Here's your ticket. Stick to it Harry, it's very important, stick to your ticket.".

" Hagrid?" "Professor Dumbledore?" "Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I might find the platform 9 3/4? "9 3/4? You think you're being funny, do you?" "It's the same every year, this place is packed with Muggles, of course. Come on." "Muggles?" "Platform 9 3/4, this way!" And now, Harry meets with freckled ginger family and hears the only phrase in the movie from his future wife..

"Good luck!" Oh, thank you. And now head on to the courses of actorship. "This way, Harry get's to the train that will transport him to the world of MAAAAGIC!" "In the train, he meets closer with one of the gingers." "I'm Ron, by the way. Ron Weasley." "I'm Harry. Harry Potter." "Do you really have the..." "Oh, yeah." If you watched the third movie or read the third book, then you know that the rat in his crotch is an adult man..

I would have made a joke about that, but... ...I'm lazy. Further on we meet Hermione, another first-year. I should say that a solid half of the movie she plays a typical nerd that will keep telling about listening to your teacher and doing your homework. Simply put, a downer. And it's worth mentioning that this actress plays... ...pretty attractively. i. e. the movie tries to convince us that want to shoot Hermione in the face with something heavy... ...but we don't want that. So, Hermione decides to unleash her inner godde... ...nerd and repairs Harry's glasses with a spell..

"For example:" "Oculus Reparo!" Woah, woah, woah, woah.... You also felt that? That sense of threat when she pointed her wand towards Harry?.

Just think of the fact how dangerous is the magic world! The wand can be a dangerous weapon! And it's impossible to predict who and when will have the mood to use the wand with a bad intent..

Ooookay, in rest the scene is pretty funny, especially if keeping in mind the fact that Ron and Hermione will marry in the future. But in general, knowing what Ron will turn into by the eighth movie... ...yeah, you can't be jealous of the girl..

"I'm Ron Weasley." "Pleasure." Arriving at Hogwarts, something that is worth going into the Inventory is happening. The kids are swimming in boats through the lake to the school. "Pointless, but cool" <sigh> Where should I start....? The movie doesn't put that much accent as the book does, but this ritual is made specially for the first-years. Starting the second-year, they are going from the train to school on the carriages. But why should you make this ritual with the boats for the first-years? To impress the little kids? Wouldn't it be more logical to make this a ritual for the last year students? i.e. "Yeah, guys, we survived till the last year! Woo-Hoo!!!" Yeah, there is Hagrid with them, but he is only in one boat and he cannot apparate, which makes him useless!.

There are mermaids and a bunch of other creepy creatures in the lake, which are dangerous to the kids. I am already imagining those advertisement booklets.... Hogwarts: your kids may drown even before starting the school. Well then, the kids are anxiously waiting for the House Sorting. By the way, in the book it was AAAMAZING when they were guessing how exactly it will happen and were proposing theories that were extraordinary by their improbability. "We are ready for you now. Follow me!".

So, we are presented how the students are sorted in their Houses with the help of a hat. Speaking of the hat: if somebody has a dirty head or dandruff, everybody's mood will instantly go down!.

Alright, if being serious, I think the Hat cheats a bit. Because the point is probably to find each one's character traits and to distribute the people in a way so in each House is the maximum number of kids that will peacefully live with each other. But did you ever pay attention that kids are distributed to the Houses way too uniformly?.

So hypothetically, because nobody ever doubts the Hat's distribution methods, it could just pretend to work with the kids' personalities, while in reality just doing simple calculations. But let's not talk about that. "Another Weasley?" "I know just what to do with you." "Griffindor!" It seems like Weasley gave birth to so many kids just because the studying is free. While Harry convinces the Hat not to send him to the House of bullies. "Not Slytherin" "Not Slytherin." "Not Slytherin, hey?" Could you please say it even louder, because not all of Slytherin heard how he despises them! "Griffindor!" So, Harry gets into Griffindor. Next, Dumbledore tells an exciting speech about where to find special places reserved for dying in Hogwarts..

I am sure it was in the advertisement booklet, but Dumbledore decided to remind everyone eager about the most popular places of interest. "...is out of bounds, to everyone who does not wish to die a most painful death." Yeah kids, a free education does not guarantee you a survival till the end of the year! "My honey, we got a letter from Hogwarts!" "Ah, it seems like our child died a most painful death!" "Noooooooooooooooo! "Wait, Dumbledore drew a smiley face at the end of the letter." "Oh, then it's okay." On the other hand, it's much harder to find something actually safe at Hogwarts. Take the stairs, for example, from which it's a piece of cake to fall off and break your neck. Despite the fact that it's cool. To the Inventory! "Pointless, but cool" "Hogwarts: moving around the castle is already a risk of your child's death." And the feast has begun! Also, we are introduced to the ghosts, among which there is THIS thing:.

As well as Captain Hook and.... No Peeves? He got cut out of the movie! Just why...? Alright, we are also introduced to the living portraits, which also give a gazillion of questions... And finally, it's time for some magic lessons! "Phew, made it. Can you imagine the look on the McGonagall's face if we were late?".

"Wow! 10 points to Griffindor!" "Thanks for such a high mark, Mr Weasley, but it works only when this is told by the teacher." "Damn, I hoped it would work!" Also, we see that the safety during the lessons is a reason think about abandoning your family and becoming a Muggle..

"Hogwarts: a school where the teacher cannot protect your kids from the dangers during the lessons.".

During the Potions lesson Harry meets professor Snape, the person who always seems to be in his own noir movie..

"There will be no wand waving or silly incantations in this class." "This city is afraid of me, I've seen its true face." "Mr. Potter." "Tell me what would I get if I add powdered root of asphodel to the infusion of wormwood?".

"You don't know?" In this scene I am only thinking of hoooow shamelessly dumb Harry is. Imagine you just found about the existence of a magic school and you are accepted to study there..

You are an 11-year-old boy. What would you do first of all? You would read all the books, you would learn all the spells, you would run throughout the whole castle day after day with and open mouth and pissing your pants off while absorbing every single bit of information about this magic world. But the reaction of this guy is just "Fine, I am now a great wizard." "I'm gonna go and eat." So if I was a wizard, I would be like Hermione jumping off my seat with impatience to share with everything I found out recently!.

I know it's a nitpick, but I don't understand this dolt. "Pity." Do you want more proof of Harry's glorious idiocy? "Turn this water into rum!" "What Seamus tries to do with that glass of water?" It appears we have a genius on our team! What do you think yourself? Hogwarts: the break is another possibility to get into danger. Next, we see Hogwarts' version of post which again proves that according to the Owl's Order's code, all the post owls endure..

Because otherwise they would ruin the entire lunch. "Neville's got a remembrall!" "If the smoke turns red, it means you've forgotten something." "The only problem is, I can't remember what I've forgotten!" So, next, we have the broomstick flying lessons, where we see that Harry behaves like a real friend, Hermione does not feel herself a champion anymore. While Nevill... "Mr. Longbottom!" "What are you doing?" "Help me!".

Well, I think this not the first time this happened in the school, they surely have a scenario for this kind of situation....

"Everyone's to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing." Whaaaaat....? Hey, miss, you'll just leave 2 classes of kids without any supervision? You could've disapparated, you could've asked a student to get Neville to the hospital, you could've called for doctors! You could've done at least something that would not have lead to THIS! "What's the matter, Potter? Am I beyond your reach?" "What an idiot!" "Hogwarts: the safety on sport lessons and high-qualified teachers will guarantee your child a quick death.".

You know what? Despite the movies and the books trying to convince me that Dumbledore is an extraordinary genius, but he clearly has his skills of qualitative staff selection and of an adequate school administration amputated..

"Dumbledore, our broomsticks broke, we need new ones!" "Dumbledore, our books broke, we need new ones!" "Dumbledore, our... ....kids broke, we need new ones!" "It's fine! This will work out!" But Madame Hook (I am sure she got hired just because of her last name) just says: "If I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they could say 'Quidditch'.".

"I'll be back before you could say blueberry pie." "Blueberry pie!" "Maybe not that fast, but pretty fast." "Give it here, Malfoy, or I'll knock off your broom!" "Is that so?".

"Have it your way then.".

Because of this scene, McGonagall finds out about Harry's talent to quidditch, and offers him a place on the team. After that, the kids accidentally get into one of the most dangerous corridors. And instead of running off, they decide that Dumbledore's "most painful death" on the third floor.

He meant the cat that belongs to the caretaker, Filch. who is, by the way, a perfect maniac. "Hogwarts: we let your kids decide which level of danger they want!".

Finding out about the three-headed dog which is separated by nothing from the kids, the kids decide the it is completely normal and go to bed. "I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed." "Or worse, expelled." "She needs to sort out her priorities." And next, Hogwarts is celebrating Halloween "Troll in the dungeon!!! Troll in the dungeon!!".

"Thought you wanna know.".

"SILENCE!!!!" "Everyone will please, not panic!" "The only one who will panic is me." "Griffindors, keep up please and stay alert." "What?" "Hermione, she doesn't know." Stop. The prefect did not count the students? You mean, Hermione could've actually died if 2 people in the whole school wouldn't care about her?.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KIDS? Alright, Harry and Ron, as the only ones who remember about Hermione's existence, decided to go to rescue her.... ...alone. Ooookay, you've surely got a plan in case you meet the troll- oooooh, you met him. Well, then improvise! "Your reviews are sh!t!... They're not even funny!..." "I think the troll's left the dungeon.".

"Hermione, move!!!".

"Do something!" "What?!" "Anything!!!" You know, with all due respect, Harry's got some abs! I wouldn't have been able to do this exercise even being on adrenaline. So, the kids defeat the troll, and when the adults come in, of course their first reaction is being sorr- "Explain yourselves! Both of you!" "W-what it is..." "It's my fault!" Wait WHAT? Miss, these kids turned out to be more responsible than yourself! A kid's life was on stake! It is you who is responsible for the House and it should've been you, if not by yourself, then at the very least ask the prefect count the kids and find out who is missing and where they are!!!.

Because if the kid dies, it is you to blame!!! It's not just that you do not carry out your duties, you even blame these 2 sensational dolts, despite not calling for the prefect, saved the girl's life!.

Uhhh.. The indignation in my blood started to solidify and thrombi began to form, so let's try playing this out in a satiric manner. "Mr Weasley, Mr Potter, how dare you killing the troll? Me and my friends gathered money for Hermione's assassination, everything was supposed to look like an accident!" "It's my fault!" Why the heck are you even apologizing?! It should be her who shoul- Alright, sorry... ...sorry. I am feeling really awkward when in such a great movie the logic suddenly decided to go for a break. Maybe the Trial Version of logic expired... I don't know.

Let me just say that Quirrell for some reason in this moment looks like Keanu Reeves to distract you and let's move onto the next scene. "Hogwarts: Nobody here gives a crap about your kids." Now then, Harry receives a mail. "It's a broomstick!" "It's not just a broomstick, Harry, it's a Nimbus 2000." Thank God at least it's not Nimbus Vista. It's strange that the mail was without flowers and candies, well, I mean, that it's not from Dumbledore. Okay, Harry did not get the broomstick for nothing, since we are now approaching to a Quidditch match. "I was also scared before my first game." "What happened?" "I don't really remember, I took a bludger to the head to minutes in." "Woke up in the hospital a week later." As we see, Quidditch is a game during which it is impossible to stay alive and without any broken bones..

Anyway, it's an absolutely normal activity in a school surrounded by a forest with dangerous creatures..

"Hogwarts: because safety is for muggles." Now then, as we see, Harry is lagging, and instead of helping his team... ...is just watching his teammates being injured. And then SUDDENLY Harry's broomstick is behaving like the decision of making Hermione African-American in the continuation..

I.e. kinda weird. Ron and Hermione decide that it's Snape's doing, because a person who is behaving like a dipshit is most likely... a dipshit. Cannot blame them for this decision. "He's jinxing the broom!" "Jinxing the broom?!" Well, actually, it was Quirrell who was trying to jinx the broom, while Snape was trying to de-spell it, but shhh... ...it's a spoiler. I am actually quite curious, wasn't there any other teacher besides Snape who was trying to de-spell the broom?.

According to the movie, even Dumbledore was present at the match! This match should've looked like a morning praying in a local sinagoga. And there's another strange thing: Quirrell had a gazillion chances to kill Harry during the school year,.

But he decides to do that ONCE, and only when he plays Quidditch. Well, you could explain that he did not see him as a threat, and that's why he did not try killing him before,.

...but why specifically during Quidditch? In front of everybody? Maybe Quirrell is a Quidditch fan and he was offended by Harry's playstyle? I didn't know he was that sensitive. "Leave it to me!" Hermione, who somehow crossed the entire field in a couple of seconds, gets near Snape and causes a fire..

This interrupts the the successful practice of magic and Harry is back on the broom! Realizing that if he lags like that, he will die young and chubby, he decides to do some work and catch the Snitch. and of course he does it in a one-and-only way. The team wins, while Hagrid gives away information important to the plot, which causes the 3 first-years to start a detective process, trying to find out what the cerberus is guarding..

"Last night, Snape let the troll in as a diversion, so he could try passing that three-headed dog.".

"It was standing on a trap door, which means it wasn't there by accident." "It's guarding something." "The day I was at Gringotts, Hagrid took something out of one of the vaults, said it was Hogwarts bussiness.".

"What that dog is guarding is strictly between Albus Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel." "Good. You can help Harry then." "He is going to go to look in the library for information on Nicholas Flamel." "We've looked a hundred times!" "Not in the restricted section." "I think we have a bad influence on her." Oh yeah, dude. "I wanna rob." Oh yeah. It's Christmas at Hogwarts, and that means: PRESENTS! "What are you wearing?" "Oh, Mom made it." "My mom is the best sweater-maker in the area. It's kinda her fetish." "I сan make you an enormously big, awesome sweater!" Harry gets an Invisibility Cloak as a present. "Well, let's see then. Put it on!" I like Ron's reaction. He's like: "Put it on, I know how it works. Now a girly song will turn on and you will change clothes in a cheerful montage.

While I am gonna laugh my ass off of on how cool it looks- Holy crap!" "My body's gone!" "I know what that is! That's an Invisibility Cloak!" "I wonder who gave it you." "Dear Harry, it's your father's Cloak, but I decided to give it you, so you could, if anything, come to me at night. And peek. Guess Who! ;) "There is no name." "Dear Harry, it's your father's Cloak, but I decided to give it you, so you could, if anything, come to me at night. And peek. Guess Who! ;) Ewww. Actually, I think that an Invisibility Cloak is not a very legal thing. I mean, you should need a license to own something like that- eh, okay, not gonna bore you. Of course 2 guys who have an Invisibility Cloak will use it at its fullest, and first of all will go....

...to the library. Well, duh! Speaking of which, why the heck do you need you Cloak if you are using a LANTERN?! Harry gets into the restricted section, and when searching for information for their investigation, he finds another candidate to our Inventory. "Pointless, but cool" Consequently, it summons Filch from the centre of the bum world, which causes Harry to get the hell out of there. As a result, he bumps into a mirror through which he sees his own parents. btw, it's kinda funny that the actress who plays his mother really resembles the actress who plays his future wife. well, when she is bit older. Kind of an intriguing coincidence. This mirror, as explain Dumbledore later, represents people's true desires, and I really think this is the best part of this movie. Just this one mirror gives so much to think about. Seriously, it's a pretty intriguing metaphor, that people spend more time dreaming of something than actually trying to accomplish it. The only thing that spoils this scene is Radcliffe's acting skills. For some reason other kids are doing a pretty good job, but this guy is not that much of an actor. Buuut... let's go back to the plot! "Nicholas Flamel is the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone!' "...the what?!" "The Philosopher's Stone is a legendary substance with astonishing powers. It will transform any metal into pure gold, and produces the elixir of life, which will make the drinker immortal." "Immortal?!" "It means you'll never die." ♬♬♬ Who would've gueeeessed? "That's what Fluffy's guarding on the third floor, that's what under the trap door!" "The Philosopher's Stone!" The kids go to brag about their discoveries with Hagrid. For some reason at night. In the book they just overstayed, but here they clearly came late. On the other hand, not for nothing, because you don't see a dragon's birth every day. "Is that... ...a dragon?" Of course, Malfoy notices the violation of the school rules, and hurries to notify the teachers..

After all, for a hangout with Hagrid at night, they are punished with... ...a hangout with Hagrid at night... which gives us a clear reason to think that logic is a subject that is lacking from this school''s curriculum..

"A pity that they let the old punishments dying." "Was a time when detention was finding yourself hanging by your thumb in the dungeons." "God, I'll miss the screaming..." Oh, it seems the Hogwarts is now even not at its finest. I'm afraid to imagine the advertisement booklets of thooose times... But if seriously, what's the point?! Why the hell has McGonagall sent 4 first-ears in a forest full of dangerous creatures?.

AT NIGHT?! Heloooo?! Shouldn't they be punished like in the second book, with work, cleaning of cups? with punishments for KIDS and not for death-row inmate?! He sent the kids at a suicide mission as a punishment for walking at school late at night!.

But I drew a smiley face after the apologizes... Okay, at least they are sent there with Hagrid. "We're going to find the poor beast." "Ron, Hermione, you'll go with me." "Ookay...." "Harry, you'll go with Malfoy." WHAT?! ARE YOU INSANE? They are kids! It's dangerous for them to be alone in a usual forest, not even talking of a magical one! "Okay, but I get Fang!" "Fine." Well, alright, at least you gave them a guardian that can protect them in case of danger. "Just so you know, he's a bloody coward." WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!- Wait, okay, let's just deal with it. So, Hagrid finds the unicorn blood that looks like... Oh God, Hagrid is going to leave the Matrix. While Harry and Malfoy discover the dead unicorn and Professor Quirrell who looks like a cool Sith!.

And can move pretty cool. I don't know what kind of courses of aerobics he goes to, but I also want to do like that. Looks gracefully. Of course, the kids had died, if it wouldn't have been the Centaurus, who freaks out the evil with his spear and... ...a cool walk. Even he is confused what kind of teacher despises the kids so much to send them to the forest at night?.

"Do you mean to say that that thing that killed the unicorn, that was drinking its blood,.

That was Voldemort?" "Do you know what is hidden in the school at this very moment, Mr Potter?".

"The Philosopher's Stone..." Wait a sec, I thought you figured it out a couple of scenes ago- How long of a realization... I forgot that Harry is a bit genius in this movie. "You alright there, Harry?" Alright, next, the kids, using the deduction method, bring the detective part of the plot to an end, when Hagrid gives away the last bit of information important to the plot. "Hagrid, who gave you the dragon egg? What did he look like?" "I don't know. He never saw his face, he kept his hood up." "That stranger though... You and he must've talked..." "I said the trick with any beast is to know how to calm him." "Take Fluffy for example. Play him a little music and he falls straight asleep." Seriously, if you come to him for tea for a couple of times, he will tell you absolutely everything he knows. "That was not a stranger Hagrid met in the village. It was Snape. Which means, he knows how to get past Fluffy.".

"And with Dumbledore gone-" "Good afternoon." "I am Alan Rickman, and your acting skills are disappointing me." "We were just-" "You ought to be careful." "People would think you're... ...up to something.".

So, the kids decide that they have to act tonight, since Dumbledore left the school, which means.

Voldemort will assault the stone tonight. Well, the kids think it's Snape. So they go to the dungeons. Neville of course tries to stop them, but I'll remind that these kids carry dangerous weapons..

And now, passing the three-headed dog and jumping into trap door, the kids fall on the grass (Note: In Russian, weed can also be called "grass") Aaand that's not what you thought about (Note: In Russian, weed can also be called "grass") They fall into the Devil's Snare But Hermione's finds a way out. "You have to relax." Yes, you have to relax and enjoy at your fullest. Ron, of course, is a dumbass, so he is gotten out the surgical way, and the guys move on in the Quest Room. "What's this all about?" "I bet we have to sweep." Finding out that we have to catch the key, the kids successfully complete the quest and find themselves on a chessboard. Here, the kids find out that to move forward they have to win in chess..

Other wise, the gangsta-pawns- "He-he. They're not sitting on their spots. That's fun." -the gangsta-pawns are will not let them pass. "Harry, you take the empty bishop's square." "Hermione, you'll be the queen-side castle." "I'll be a knight." Thanks to the fact that Ron plays chess like a boss, the kids complete the task..

"He's going to sacrifice himself." "No, you can't, there must be another way." "Knight to H-3." Alright, simulating his death, Ron prabably wanted to be alone with Hermione "Oh, you're a smart fellow." Seriously, he was not hit by anything. While Harry almost got smashed by that sword. "Checkmate!".

It would've been awkward to die like that. "Take care of Ron. I have to go on." "You're a great wizard. You really are." I don't want to disappoint you, but to be considered a great wizard you should cast at least one spell during the movie..

And I should say that in the movie they did not show the empty room that was supposed to be guarded by a troll and did not show the room with the potions. Why am I mentioning that? Because each room was prepared by one of the professors Hagrid placed Fluffy, Madame Hook made the room with keys, McGonagall made the chess room and so on. Because it's an interesting moment to understand that both Quirrell and Snape participated in the process of securing the Philosopher's Stone. Alright, Harry gets to the final boss, and finds out that it was Quirrell who was trying to steal the stone, and not Snape..

"Snape tried to kill me." "No, dear boy. I tried to kill you." I am gonna admit, during the first time you read/watch this story, it's a pretty good plot twist..

Also, we find out that the Philosopher's stone is hidden in the mirror and Quirrell cannot get it out..

But, Harry takes it out with ease. He just sees the Stone is the mirror, and it turns out to be in his pocket. I know it's a pretty debatable moment and a lot of people still did not understand how did it get into his pocket..

Well, I perfectly understand, and if you don't... ...no luck for you. "He lies." "Tell the truth!" Also we find out that Quirrell carried Voldemort all this time on the back of his head, And Holy Merlin's Beard, just how cool Voldemort looks here! Seriously, I like this design much more that Ralph Fiennes that we'll see in the fourth movie..

This Voldemort looks creepy, intimidating, and he has a nose, but he still looks like a snake and emanates unbelievable awesomess. "Kill him!" Quirrell didn't think that casting a spell into the boy before taking the stone would've been much easier?.

Okay, he messed up, and he crumbled into pieces as a result, once Harry barely touched him. "I am burning from your touches!" The main thing that the touches were mortal when Harry touched him, but when he was touching Harry, everything was okay..

Harry wakes up in the hospital wing, when Dumbledore comes in..

"Tokens... from your admirers?" "Admirers?" "Oh, don't pretend, professor, you are behaving like it wasn't you who sent me all these." Dumbledore tell Harry that everything is fine. Stop, wait a sec. Why there are all these portraits with sick people? Does it somehow make the kids from the hospital wing happy? Oh God, Hogwarts, is a much dareker place than I imagined... "Ron was here? He's alright? What about Hermione?" "Don't try to act, Harry." "We know you can't." "Does it mean, with the Stone gone, that is, that Voldemort can never come back?" "I'm afraid, there are ways in which he can return." Okay, let's discuss Dumbledore's strategy. He somehow felt the disturbances in the Force and somehow figured out that the most dangerous villain will soon come back and he will need the Stone, "I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth.".

And where will he hide the stone? Maybe like Voldemort hid the Horcruxes, in a secret place with a bunch of dangerous spells, which would make impossible for him to pass through. No, let's hide it at my school, with a lot of kids. And I'll ask my teachers to protect the stone, I trust them. especially this guy in a turban. And the defense is of such caliber that 3 first-years, without any particular tricks, reached it Perfect plan! No loopholes whatsoever!.

And finally, the banquet for the ending of the school year. The whole school gathered to eat and celebrate this event. Eh, it's not like our ending ceremony: stood for a while, listened to a boring speech and went home. They are even being fed at the final ceremony. But if seriously, everybody is ready to celebrate Slytherin's victory, since they through hard work got the most amount of points for their House..

Therefore, it was a bad decision on Harry's side not to go ther- ah, fine, we all know that somebody somehow got Dumbledore drunk and he started giving Griffindor winning House points..

And it kinda sounds like this: "50 points to Harry, because he is so wonderful!" "And another 100 because he smiles so beautifully when I look at him!" "And another 200 for his genuine, green eyes!" "But professor, he doesn't have green eyes in the movie!" "Well, then spread those 200 points between his friends, they are hanging out with him, so they are also nice!".

But in general, this ending in a "Fifty Points of Dumbledore" style seems just like another way to dump Slytherin for nothing. In other words, Dumbledore cheered the kids for the fact that they risked their lives. As a result, even Neville gets some of those points for the fact that he TRIED! "We tied with Slytherin!" And Griffindor wins! Everybody's cheering, everybody's partying, except for Slytherin, who are probably the only ones who noticed that the headmaster kinda went nuts. And the movie ends at the station, when the kids leave for their homes. Hagrid gives Harry an album with his family, and tells him: "Listen Harry. If that dolt of a cousin of your, Dudley, gives you any grief, you can always... threaten him with a pair of ears to go with that tail of his.".

"But Hagrid, we are not alowed to do magic away from Hogwarts, you know that.".

"I do." "But your cousin don't, do he?" "Oh, you're a smart fellow." Aand here the movie ends. To conclude, I want to say that it's a good movie. There are all these cool things which make us love stories about wizards. It is well-adapted into a stand alone story. The characters are bright, memorable, the aura is magical, and the adaptation was done thoroughly, passionately and with attention to details..

And what can also be seen, that the movie, as well as the book, was a pretty stand alone story and did not quite require a sequel. You don't remember as much details from any of the sequels as you do from this movie. It's truly a fairy tale, where each scene is captivating and interesting. But, the things that I did not like in the later movies you can find out in the next videos, where we will discuss this throughly..

At this note, the review of the first part of Harry Potter is coming to an end. The review turned out to be a bit chaotic, I researched more thoroughly a lot of scenes, since I had to discuss the setting. In the next reviews I think everything will be more dynamic, since we already discussed the main points..

And next we will discuss the new stories that the wonderful author Joanne Rowling and creators of the movies gave us..

That's it for now, we'll see each other... ...sometime tomorrow, and don't forget: Don't use magic away from Hogwarts! Goodbye to everyone!!!.

Must resist making Putin jokes! Must resist making Putin jokes! Must resist making Putin jokes!

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