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Xiaomi Redmi 4X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Cherry Coca-Cola Test!

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I go search one to do a quiz little water test here with the red meat Forex phone which is very affordable handset you can get them for about 100 euro each wants to see if Shyam is cheaper handsets are waterproof here so we're going to dip it in some coca-cola we do have the cherry flavour which is a bit different obviously from the standard favor we're going to test against the s8 as well which comes with some nice waterproofing and I know probably use the soda yet for the s8 so be interesting to see how they do compare so yeah let's so check it out here we're going to pour in the coke I can see as.

Well we haven't covered any flaps or anything everything is left standard as it should be there you go and we're.

Going to pour the coke in in the middle.

Because you never know whether a phone is waterproof or not and it's good to. Find out here so we're just going to.

Leave it in for about three minutes or so you can see it's 1422 so when it's 1425 we will get it out and have a look and see you know where you can see. Anything you can see it's already very less annoying than the SA which is being. Annoying already I mean seriously you literally can't go back to the home screen here where isn't this one very.

Usable as you can see so I don't think.

It's got any official waterproofing so it is quite interesting here to see if.

It is going to survive or not Google that's what I can see on the SI and you.

Can get the other side red new 4x4 quite cheap I think there's a basic model two gigs of ram that cool under 100 euro this one is a three gig ram model slightly better so very affordable nearly six times as cheap as the SI here which would be pretty awesome if you're getting the same of the waterproofing I.

Think I did this test as well with the redmi note 4 and it did quite well so having some good hopes here for the redmi 4s I think we're also do a read me 5 soon as well you know shiny lights to pump out handsets and you know it is doing quite well not as well as it used to do I don't think because of the you know price increase so you can see I still can't use a display here this is really annoying phone there we go so we're coming I.

Think to the nearly two minute mark two.

And a half minutes and for my back and we can see if we can use a phone this.

Cherry coke Cola tastes well smells very nice I assume it smells nice as well or so they taste nice taste smell you know I mean it's late in the day and we're. Nearly there 14:24 here Wow so 1425 as you can see let's get it out and see if it is survived so first let's do the screen comparison as you can see the screen very usable here on the redmi 4x and i still can't.

Use a display on the 600 euro SI where i can a little bit to come back now let's check the cameras here so we'll just move this so I'm not really dried it off.

But you can see you can still take shots here and the orientation might be a. Little bit weird but you can see they're very nice and clear still which is cool let's just check out the audio do we.

Have anything.

I'm really impressed with this little phone actually I think is probably the best in terms you budget by right now it's got a fingerprint sensor right here.

Nothing I don't think these speakers.

Work anymore it's definitely turned up or notice none there we go nice. So a little bit of coke you spared me. There is spitting coke for me which I've never seen before but maybe when it's fully dry it may be better which is nice whilst do we check we check the charging sometimes but I have nearly fried phones doing that some program in a wait until it's dry a little bit and we can see here the recovery is really amazing on this phone it's like straight away usable no issues with it whereas the SI is still going crazy as you can see and the screen is still a bit weird overall let's just check the speaker here.

Screen isn't too far off at well oh so.

Speakers definitely better and say she's good and we do have as well the camera.

Somewhere on here as you can see so this takes a nice.

Clear picture even when it's wet as you can see so who's the winner here you know I'm probably to give this to the red meat for X because it seemed to be recovering faster overall and given the price difference I'm very impressed obviously I will keep an eye on it going forward to see if it survives and that you know if it doesn't budget squeal or croak early test here with the ultra budget so red meat 4x hope you find it helpful and I probably do the same test with some of the phones who do stay tuned for that and I'll see the next one

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