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LG G7 ThinQ vs iPhone X Speed Test, Displays, Speakers & Cameras!

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LG G7 ThinQ vs iPhone X Speed Test, Displays, Speakers \u0026 Cameras! 🔥

iPhone X price on Amazon (affiliate): http://amzn.to/2jEAlAs...

LG G7 Amazon price (affiliate): https://amzn.to/2xN5U1x...

Note: the display portion for the LG G7 in this video doesn't cover the boost feature. Here's a link to that: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U\u0026...

Comparison covers Boot Up, Specs, Apps/Games \u0026 AnTuTu Benchmark, Chrome vs Safari, Speakers, Face ID/Fingerprint, Displays in Sunlight, Multitasking, Camera Speed, Front Cameras, Rear Cameras.

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Hey guys we have a great match between the LG seven and the iPhone tap so what say they stack up now to support comparison between specs speakers speed cameras and a lot more and brand new discuss guys no supper display comparison the iPhone first one to boot.

Up alright guys a lot to cover and next you have the specs the LG screen is larger and also higher resolution on the front the camera on LG's 8mp and on the iPhone at 70 and on the back both phone still Kim setups and on the LG 69 pixels on the iPhone the trowel the iPhone is largest swords options but on the LG you do a micro SD card support the LG is a barrage of batteries 3,000 cows he was 27 16 full phones are the way to chipset for the processor we had to snap do 45 verse to any weapon and told you bites ram versus three phones waterproof now.

At the bottom on the LG you pipe see and yet when you avoiding port but on y LG you also do of a headphone jack so huge props LG there and on the back home.

Phones beautiful as signs on them and you'll things going to write you on the LG even not on the iPhone alright guys so excellent specs on both and now the rest of the class.

All right guys everything's closed on both and zooming in the camera next up.

We've absolutely is opening versus NBC.

LG Spotify LG YouTube once again we have.

The LG there eBay I funny.

And of course I funny I funny go into the iPhone amazon shopping LG photos.

And I think the iPhone there so dlz off. They're pretty strong start the next will be a teaming starting up temple on film and gonna be pretty close but I.

Think a narrow edge 40 og yep narrow. Edge up for the LG subway surfers and.

That one's going to the iPhone all right.

Guys a couple more but then of course a lot myself after that super mario 1 LG.

Has phony.

The image you get for the LG alright.

Guys so welcome to do next and you're gonna see advantage for the LG here and yeah a difference of about 22,000 all.

Right guys next will be a plumber Safari and let's just go and create the web history our right screen out that and Quinn out on lg.

IGN calm we've got four different sites.

Here and a Vantage for the LG I need to.

Be now calm max.

And pretty close there alright guys so a couple more with LG and Apple and LG comm looks like a.

Narrow edge therefore d LG appllo calm. - shoot messing up now guys I will say during practice says Apple comm they'd go to the iPhone so let me just real quick we do that just so you guys see it.

And once again guys Apple calm.

So as you guys don't like there a bans for the iPhone but overall guys web browsing a slight advantage forty og outside no copyright and that's right.

Guys P comparison X now for the LG.

You've one speaker and on the iPhone your dual speakers on it but the LG speaker is supposed to be pretty loud so LG um this is really bad that he was.

Actually shaking right now which I don't think that's ever happened for any phone before I phone.

And if you guys is on the maximum maximum excellent quality but not that.

Loud all right guys.

So yet yoji's excuse me wild excellent base on it and I would say this is about us for any phone that I own and the iPhone so excellent quality but obviously not nearly as valid but that said guys with my own composition but what you prefer in terms of quality now for unlocking your phone and remember guys on the og at the beam scanning right there on the back wall on the iPhone no fingerprint. Now the LG not the fastest but extremely accurate and I'm just gonna press it pretty hard so you guys enjoy it so yeah.

It's still less than a second pretty good but both these phones do a piece of.

Mock now put the iPhone to do that you. To swipe up like that but a quick comparison.

So overall the iPhone clearly bit faster there and I think the piece of art is.

More secure on the iPhone as well but overall guys have used before using the fingerprint instead alright guys and now we have a look at both bones and bright Sun well actually not that bright but we do have some sunlight there so the LG it is supposed to get pretty bright and bright sunlight but unfortunately this is the brightest I'll get at least for today but I will be doing a better comparison this in the future once it's brighter out so once again guys I'm not. Sure if that's the maximum brightness or not for the LG and when we look at it there so just open up the window actually guys we have some like birds out there probably see the egg but the egg is abandoned so it's kind of sad not sure if the birds going to come back or not but anyways let me just get better angle on this so you guys let me know no competition boy what y'all think.

Now next remote asking an app that a few camera tests so versus NBC and pretty.

Close there Spotify.

You do. EBay max so yeah guys looks like the.

IPhones bit Pass area although really main takeaways are not refreshing the apps for each I funny and that one going.

To the LG Amazon.

I phone photos.

Temper Anto okay so excellent job. They're not before not restarting show you guys the most Fonzie schemes would we start and you have to go all the way back to the title screen and an arrow.

Edge therefore do G but again guys both of them that restarting so excellent job mário excellent.

As body. And the beans for the iPhone but pretty good job on both there. Next year material LG.

Chrome and an air words for the iPhone.

Um guys I think the more testing pretty close on VOC may be a very minor edge for the iPhone cameras be next and back by popular demand we a Bulbasaur.

So overall pretty mix and now we look at.

The fun piecing cameras and looked in.

The civilization and now a book at the. Pond piecing cameras and looked in the. Civilization and now protects the rear.


And that certain stabilization and the.

Book there at the maximum zoom.

And I looked at the wide angle mode on the lg.

Alright guys so an extremely close matchup but let me know in the competition well which one you think won so to speed the speakers I think a narrow edge of pretty LG but the display in the cameras that be more subjective so again let me know what do you think thanks flight subscribe for more and a lot more video is coming pretty soon

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