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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)'s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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Hey what's up guys samsung's latest ace here is mid ranger is the Galaxy a7 it brings some new features over last year's model like a triple camera setup but there have also been some compromises this time around so this one worth looking into and war for GSM arena and this is a Samsung Galaxy a7 2018 review one of the first things you.

Notice about the Galaxy a7 2018 is its metallic sheen the uniform color covers both the glass back and the aluminum frame it's quite shiny but it might be a little over the top for some tastes unlike most glass sandwich phones the frame isn't made of aluminum but of plastic this isn't too easy to notice as it is quite glossy another thing you may notice is the lack of a notch cut out on the front samsung has decided to stand out from the 2018 crowd by sticking with a full top bezel here for the selfie cam and sensors the display itself is a six inch AMOLED with a tall aspect ratio and a 1080p resolution they call it an infinity display but it isn't curved the edges are slightly rounded though content looks good the panel is decently sharp at 411 PPI and to get those deep AMOLED blacks we measured a maximum brightness of 600 nits in auto mode in sunny conditions and the Galaxy a7 a star's sunlight legibility test posting an even higher contrast number than the note 8 there's an always-on display too great if you want to check notifications at a glance there isn't a notification LED though if you're looking for a more power saving option the a7 20-18 can be unlocked with a fingerprint reader which is mounted on the side unusual for a samsung phone the sensor is always on but I found it to be a bit unresponsive slow to read and wake up the phone compared to the blazing fast competition it does enable one feature though you can swipe on the reader to pull down the notification shade it's a neat trick but it's easy to accidentally swipe on this when you just want to use the reader itself the alternative is face unlock it's accurate they're not quite as secure as a fingerprint another change from last year is that the speaker is bought and firing instead of on the side is scored very good likeness in our tests and sounds decent.

There's also a 3.5 millimeter jack at the bottom which we do appreciate it you get access to Dolby Atmos sound options with headphones plugged in and there's a built-in FM radio here 2 volume with headphones is above average so overall a solid experience there's enough storage to keep plenty of media on the phone to the tray supports dual SIM and has a dedicated slot for expandable storage on top of the 64 or 128 gigs built in for connectivity we have a micro USB port here yanno USB C which we did have in the 2017 model what gives Samsung and another thing to wonder about is the lack of water resistance on the a7 20:18 last year's motto had an ip68 rating moving on the a7 2018 Zechs no7 885 chipset is the latest and most powerful of Samsung's in-house line of mid tier chipsets it's here alongside either 4 or 6 gigs of ram in benchmarks it's about on par with this brother the galaxy a8 unfortunately it's bested by the competition running the snapdragon 660 in both multi-core CPU and graphics tests however it is power efficient thanks to the 14 nanometer fabrication process so it's internals seem to be geared more toward efficiency rather than performance the 2018 model has a slightly smaller battery than last year at 3300 milliamp hours it still made a good showing endurance wise earning a rating of 93 hours in our proprietary tests the phone's great endurance is marred by the slow charging process we only got from 0 to 25% in 30 minutes it's hardly surprising given the low output of the 7.5 watt charger the Galaxy a7 2018 runs on Android a Daurio with Samsung experience 9 on top just like the rest of the recent a series phones it's all pretty much the same here with the home screen and the notification shape the a7 2018 supports themes and there's a ton available in the store and there's game launcher to keep your games in one place game tools lets you disable notifications and the navigation bar as well as take screenshots or record gameplay Samsung provides its own gallery app alongside Google Photos the pictures pane is a timeline of photos and screenshots while albums has them sorted by origin instead now let's move on to the a sevens headline feature the triple camera setup keep in mind that he can't actually shoot through all three there's a main 24 megapixel F 1.7 wide-angle cam with phase detection autofocus then there's an 8 megapixel F 2.4 ultra wide-angle cam the third is a 5 megapixel one only used for depth sensing in portrait mode in daylight shots look good colors are pretty great too with deep reds and lively yellows and greens there doesn't seem to be 24 megapixels worth of detail here though we preferred keeping the HDR setting in Auto all the time and as a result got a reasonably wide dynamic range high-contrast scenes are handled well but sometimes the HDR causes textures and foliage to end up looking over processed and blotchy the ultra wide cam is a handy option to have in certain situations whether it's 120 degree field of view that said the quality isn't as great as the main cam the color rendition is a bit more dull in the dynamic range is more narrow and of course you get the barrel distortion typical for an ultra wide in low-light the galaxy a 720 18s images aren't spectacular they're generally soft with a muted colors low detail and narrow dynamic range but on a positive note noise is well controlled using the ultra wide-angle camera at night produces images that are even more d saturated unless you have a well-lit scene you should probably avoid using it portrait shots aren't too bad but you will have to be quite close to your subject since there's no telephoto cam here you can change the blur level while taking the portrait or afterwards in the gallery subject separation ends up pretty accurate the sharpening is a bit aggressive though in details like hair and skin imperfections for selfies the.

Front-facing camera is 24 megapixels just like the main camp but the aperture here is f 2.0 and there's no autofocus we did find the focus sweet spot to be a bit too close to the camera for our liking at arm's length your face is already a bit beyond that spot and not as sharp as it could be but if you get the focus right the skin tones do look pretty good selfie portraits aren't bad either though the processing takes away some sharpness even if you've gotten the focus distance right the galaxy a sevens video recording is pretty basic only up to 1080p at 30fps but footage is very high-quality for its class there's plenty of detail and almost no noise contrast and dynamic range are excellent too you can also record video with the ultra wide-angle cam quality is just as good on par with flagships that have this type of camera electronic video stabilization works really well but with the main cam it tends to do some focus hunting while what's on this isn't the case for the fixed focus ultra wide though nice and steady so that's the Galaxy a7 2018 overall it's a nice phone with a good-looking screen solid battery life and a respectable triple camera for a mid-range er however Samsung has made some strange choices regarding the features on this phone compared to last year is missing the IP rating USB C port and the aluminum frame so it must be cheaper this year right well not really it's starting at around 300 euros so if you want a mid range err with an ultra wide camera and good battery life then the a7 2018 is worth looking into but otherwise I think there are plenty of other great mid-range options available right now thanks for watching hit like if you enjoyed this video and subscribe so you don't miss the next one and you're always welcome to stop by our site GSM marina comm for the latest news reviews and test findings see you

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