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LG V10 In-Depth Review: A Device Well Worth It

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Все видео пользователя: Erica Griffin.


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1. Intro (0:00)

2. Size and Build (0:58)

3. Specs \u0026 Performance (3:33)

4. Battery Life (6:26)

5. Unique Features (7:44)

6. The Displays (10:46)

7. Using it as a Phone (13:02)

8. 32 Bit DAC and Headphone Amp (13:42)


9. The Camera Interface (15:31)

10. Camera Analysis (19:51)

11. Conclusion (25:13)

This device was released back in October but I have finally had a chance to take a look at it. It has exceeded my expectations in some areas and matches every other flagship device in others. It's those stand out features that make the V10 well worth it! It is a true multimedia phone for the power user!

***The V10 was provided courtesy of LG, but the review and opinions expressed are my own.***

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